Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Hi there

I really have nothing to post about, but as no one's put anything up since June I figured it wouldn't hurt to put up something.

It's not likely that I'm going to see a movie in the theater any time soon, but I suppose if I were going to I'd see The Town. I know, total shock that a Boston-area guy would see this. Especially given that Dr. Teeth is involved, but he appears to be turning into a decent presence behind the camera, which is certainly preferable to many of his outings in front of it.

One movie that I would not see is The Social Network. I've begun to fear things written by Aaron Sorkin given how he turned Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip into some sort of psychotherapy assignment. I'm also slightly off put by the fact that the guy playing Zuckerberg looks like he should be Michael Cera, but isn't.

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