Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Iron Man

We saw a screening of Iron Man last night. Having never picked up an issue of the comic (or The Avengers), it was entertaining enough. It satisfied the desire for big CGI mecha-creations slugging it out, where Transformers fell short. Robert Downey is appropriately cocky to the point where he's just barely likeable. Gwyneth Paltrow sorta channels Teri Garr, which is never bad.

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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

You call that a chase scene?

My mother's favorite movie was The Sound of Music. Every year when it came on TV, we'd watch it. And, every year, I'd fall asleep right around the time where the Von Trapp kids do their "So Long, Farewell" bit. I never made it to the wedding or the oft-mentioned flight from the Nazis.

That changed this weekend, when I managed to get through the entire movie without nodding off. And I have to say, I was a little disappointed that the escape from the Nazi horde basically involved Captain Von Trapp disarming that pantywaste Rolf and a couple of nuns sabotaging the Nazi's cars. Would a daring mountainside car chase have been too much to ask?

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