Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Kong is King!

Steve and I just watched the original King Kong, the first time for me, and I have just a few observations:

1. Men really hated women in olden times. Not only does Jack Driscoll berate and demean Ann Darrow repeatedly (while also proclaiming that, gee, he loves her) but at the end of the film, it's not the people with guns who kill Kong, but beauty, alias the dame. Boo!

2. Music in old movies can be gorgeous. Nothing like a dramatic score to really build tension. Even with the cheesy graphic effects, I was in suspense.

3. Speaking of cheesy graphics, this film has buckets full, and I loved every minute. One of my favorite bits: when the background starts moving before the people in the foreground start walking. And I loved watching Kong beat up all the monsters. Fake as hell, but totally fun.

4. People love to shoot stuff without thinking it through. Carl Denham and his crew kill a freakin' dinosaur, and then Denham says something like, "Wow, if only I could get one of these alive." Dude, you had the gas bombs! You could have taken it alive! Doh!

5. I really need to make good on my past promises to watch more older movies. There are some real treasures out there. And to think I watched Coyote Ugly on the WB the other night. Boo!


Blogger Kirsti said...

Since you are in the mood for an older movie, may I suggest The Wages of Fear? Truck drivers must carry nitroglycerine through the Amazonian jungle. Wicked.

July 5, 2007 at 11:06 AM  

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