Sunday, February 1, 2009

B-Fest 2009, Part One

I have survived another year of B-Fest! Here's what we saw.

6:05 pm
J. Lee Thompson 1986 | Action

Greg's comment: "Not much fire. Lots of walking."
The villain's eye patch sometimes covered his right eye and sometimes his left.
I wasn't sure if this was fake Raiders of the Lost Ark or fake Romancing the Stone. Greg pointed out that Romancing the Stone is fake Raiders of the Lost Ark, so it would be fair to call Firewalker fake Romancing the Stone.

8 pm
Roy William Neill 1943 | Horror

As the title came up, one person shambled across the stage like Frankenstein's monster, and someone else crept over from the other side of the stage imitating a werewolf. When they got to the middle, they shook hands.

9:25 pm

I can't even remember what this was. Maybe Kids and Comics, the annoying short film about how war comics turn boys into clarinet-playing whisperers with destruction on their minds.

9:45 pm
Lewis Seiler 1940 | Action

Ronald Reagan movies are easy to sleep through because his voice is so nice and modulated.

10:50 pm

Didn't win anything.

11:45 pm
Mike Jittlov 1989 | Sci-Fi

Stompy fun as always.

Edward D. Wood Jr. 1959 | Sci-Fi

Paper-plate-throwing fun as always. Jim made some incredible stencilled paper plates that people couldn't stop looking at.

1:30 am
Bob Kelljan 1973 | Horror

Blacula looks handsome in light blue.
Pam Grier screamed so many variations of "Stop! Don't hurt him!" that somebody behind me said "Tell him to go ahead--maybe he'll change his mind."

3:15 am
Fred F. Sears 1956 | Music

Includes the Bill Halley song that contains the catchphrase "Hot dog, buddy buddy," which became the catchphrase of the evening. Clips are here:
The song that unleashed a thousand Brak imitations is here:
We were all impressed by the Treniers song that had lyrics along the lines of "I'm gonna jump out the bushes and SCAAAARE YOOOOU, SCAAARE YOOOOU . . ." Except that Andrew thought it was "jump out the woods." And I thought it was "jump out the woodshed." Needless to say, I can't find it online because I don't know what it's called or what the words really are. Help?


Blogger The Grim Reaper said...

I'd always thought of Firewalker as fake King Solomon's Mines (Richard Chamberlain edition... speaking of fakes...)

Thanks for the recaps from an East Coaster who even when missing stuff like this concedes marriage isn't the worst idea.

February 1, 2009 at 8:45 AM  

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