Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Movie Log 2009: #3-5

The Good Girl - I didn't hate this like Kirsti did, but still...the only Mike White-penned stuff I think worthy of his buzz is his Freaks & Geeks work.

The Butterfly (Le Papillon) - Did you know Michel Serrault is French for "Michael Caine"? It's true. He was apparently in every other French film made since Les Diaboliques, which was the only Serrault film I'd seen previously. Cute, slight; some problems with the end.

Strange Illusion - This didn't remind me of Andy Hardy so much as the teens in various mental hygiene movies. I was perplexed by an early scene where the main character goes fishing with his doctor. I guess that's what life was like before health care went all to hell.



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