Tuesday, February 1, 2011

2011, #8-9: Krrish, There Will Be Blood

After you've seen a 3-hour Bollywood musical that itself was a curious ripoff of Flowers for Algernon, Forrest Gump, Close Encounters, and E.T. -- and did I mention that it was a musical? -- I guess one can't help being a little let down when the sequel, Krrish, is a fairly standard superhero film. If you're looking for a rainy-day movie, you could do worse than the loopiness that is Koi...Mil Gaya, the original, and give Krrish a pass.

There Will Be Blood
...and with that, 2007 becomes only the second year for which I've seen all the Best Picture Oscar nominees (the other is 1976). I'm a little take-or-leave with Paul Thomas Anderson (mostly because I don't find Robert Altman all that worthy of copying), so I was happy to see those tendencies restrained here.



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